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Outstanding Performance and Beauty, Polished by Takumi

It’s standard practice to develop shaft performance.
Additionally, our product designers introduce a sophisticated beauty into a club.
Outstanding performance and beauty with BERES-W, made by the Takumi at our Sakata factory.


Honma Original Dual Plating

<Slide zone>The sole, which is in contact with the grass and sand, uses patented nickel chrome plating with a Low Coefficient of Friction. The sole has a smooth camber which slides easily through the turf and sand from any lie.
<Spin zone>Proprietary black nickel plating with CNC milling process produces a High Coefficient of Friction surface for maximum spin off the face. The face is precision CNC milled to deliver the maximum surface roughness allowed by the R&A Rules of Golf for grooves and ultimate flatness.


Reverse Taper Blade

High CG design which gradually increases blade thickness vertically from the sole to the top edge.
This helps the ball stay in contact with the clubface longer, even high on the face and generates appropriate spin.



Sole with a thin trailing edge.
The sole slips easily under the ball even on full shots and delivers the ideal distance for each loft.



Bounce is decreased from the toe to the heel.
The shape helps the sole slip easily under the ball both on square and open strikes.

Exclusive Lightweight Steel Shaft for BERES-W

True Temper’s proprietary Vibration Suppression System (VSS) reduces unnecessary vibrations on miss-hits and delivers a softer feel.
The BERES original onyx black finish provides the unique premium appearance.


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